The Thailand-U.S. Educational Foundation (Fulbright Thailand), in cooperation with the Thailand Research
Fund (TRF), is pleased to announce the “Fulbright – Thailand Research Fund Junior Research
Scholarship Program,” which is aimed to develop the capabilities of Thai university staff members and
interested persons to gain six months of research experience in the United States as part of their
doctoral dissertation requirements.

    Five (5) grants are available for the 2019 academic year. Two (2) will be awarded under the Fulbright
Program and up to three (3) will be under the Fulbright-TRF partnership. For the grant sponsored
by Fulbright Thailand, benefits are intended to cover round-trip international airfare, monthly stipend for six
months, in-transit allowance and health insurance. For the Fulbright-TRF partnership, funding support will be
mainly provided by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) with additional fund from Fulbright Thailand for not
exceeding a period of six months.
    Fulbright Thailand will assist the grantees in the visa process, coordinate with the host U.S. institutions and
offer non-monetary benefits, including orientations, enrichment seminars, international conferences, etc.,
which will help grantees to get access to their chosen host universities and create quality international



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