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   International Research Network  
   It has been well documented that successful research programs usually have to be multidisciplinary in nature and require extensive collaboration among researchers. The multidisciplinary and collaborative research programs can be achieved through effective operation of research networks. The RGJ-Ph.D. program has involved more than 1,400 Thai advisors and more than 2,300 international co-advisors in 43 different countries. The RGJ-Ph.D. program is known for her high standard achievements due mainly through the selections of high quality students and supervisors. The out-puts of the RGJ-Ph.D. program through research publications have been very outstanding with each graduate has been able to publish approximately 2 publications in peer-review scientific journals.
One of the most striking achievements through this program has been the success in continuing research collaborations and formation of research networks among Thai and oversea scientists. Recently, a new program named “International Research Network” (IRN) has been initiated based on the successful achievements of RGJ-Ph.D. program.
  Each IRN is composed of a group of Thai researchers working in collaboration with a group of oversea researchers on a very focused research topic. Once an IRN is established, the RGJ-Ph.D. program awards five Ph.D. fellowships per year for a period of five years to the network. Additional research supports such as research grants, post doctoral fellowships, and others for the IRN can be seeked from other research funding sources. Such long lasting collaboration through the IRN’s will ensure the sustainability of the research programs and research achievements.