RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19
Innovation Challenges toward Thailand 4.0
Research Inspiration, Connectivity and Transformation
Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort, Pattaya, Thailand
June 7–9, 2018

The Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program under The Thailand Research Fund is pleased to announce the Nineteenth Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Congress (RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19) to be held on June 7–9, 2018, at Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. Under the theme “Innovation Challenges toward Thailand 4.0: Research Inspiration, Connectivity and Transformation,” the RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19 aims to underline the importance of and facilitate the research transition toward now-adopted national policy, Thailand 4.0. The following list represents opportunities that the RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19 has to offer.

• Academic sessions of high scientific rigor that are consistent with the RGJ Seminar Series for Targeted Industries and the national development policy.
• Platform for the RGJ-Ph.D. students to showcase their work and share knowledge and experience with peers and international experts.
• Gathering of renowned scientists, both in Thailand and from broad, as well as policy figures.
• In addition to top experts in various fields, about 600 participants are expected to attend the congress, so professional networking and scientific collaboration can be initiated at all levels.

The success of the RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19 truly depends on active participation by all RGJ-Ph.D. advisors and students. Therefore, it is our hope that all members can make a plan in advance to attend this congress that promises to be inspirational, integrative, and transformative. More information will be provided in our next announcements.

About the RGJ-Ph.D. Program
The RGJ-Ph.D. Program was launched in 1998 under The Thailand Research Fund, which was established in 1992. The Program was founded with a clear mandate of strengthening the nation’s research capacity through human resource development and academic network. To increase the Ph.D.-level researchers within the country, full Ph.D. scholarships in all disciplines are made available to highly qualified students. To foster meaningful academic collaboration, the scheme of international co-advisors is integrated as part of the Ph.D. scholarships. Both of these efforts are further reinforced by members-organized, research-oriented workshops together called the RGJ Seminar Series, which are held throughout the year. Shown below is the statistics about the RGJ Seminar Series, the latest RGJ-Ph.D. Congress, and the RGJ-Ph.D. Program.

RGJ Seminar Series (as of November 2017):119

Latest RGJ-Ph.D. Congress (RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 18)
Faculty and guests: 264
Ph.D. students: 216
Organizing staff: 59
Press members: 5

RGJ-Ph.D. Members and Outputs (as of November 2017)
Ph.D. students: 4,716
Ph.D. advisors: 2,005
International collaborators (co-advisors): 3,235
Countries of international collaborators: 49
Ph.D. graduates: 3,135
International publications: 7,518
Patents/patent applications (including 5 international patents): 110


Theme Congress
The Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program.


กาญจนาภิเษก ครั้งที่ 19

(RGJ-Ph.D. Congress 19).

(The Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D Program)




(สำหรับประชาสัมพันธ์แจ้งข่าวสาร ความเคลื่อนไหวการประชุม)