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   Progress and Achievement  
The RGJ-Ph.D. Program is currently one of the largest and most important Ph.D. research fellowship programs in Thailand. The outputs of RGJ-Ph.D. Program through research publications have been very outstanding with each graduate has been able to publish approximately 2 publications in peer-review scientific journals.

(as of 30 November 2012)

No. of local Ph.D. advisors recruited 1,473
No. of foreign collaborators (co-advisors) 2,378
No. of Ph.D. students admitted 3,583
No. of Ph.D. graduates produced 1,986
No. of international publications produced 4,771
No. of patent applications and granted 70
  RGJ-Ph.D. graduates have played significant roles in higher education and research in both public and private sectors.  

(as of 30 November 2012)

Faculty Members in Public Universities 49%
Faculty Members in Private Universities 4%
Researchers and Technical Experts in
the Public Sector
Researchers in the Private Sector 9%
Postdoctoral Researchers Overseas 7%
Others 3%
New Graduates 12%