The RGJ-PhD programme approves the research and travel plans under the following objectives and conditions.

The RGJ advisors

The RGJ advisors are able to travel aboard for up to one week to establish a new research link or develop an existing research collaboration. The programme will support airfare (economy class), accommodation fees, a living allowance (THB 2,500/day), and other approved expenses.


The RGJ-Ph.D. students

The RGJ-PhD students are able to carry out a part of their research aboard with their overseas co-advisors for up to 6 -12 months.

**International grantees’s travel plans must be approved by both French/Swedish Embassy and the RGJ-Ph.D. programme. The French/Swedish Embassy will support the cost of travelling.


The overseas advisors

The overseas advisors are able to travel to Thailand to follow up with the RGJ-Ph.D. students for periods of up to 1-2 weeks. The programme will support airfare (economy class), accommodation fees up to 2,600 THB/night, a living allowance up to 2,200 THB/day, and other approved expenses.


All grantees, including the overseas advisors must submit research (for student) and travel plans (Document No. 3 and 4) as well as an authorization letter from the international advisor/institution to RGJ at least 2 months before traveling. The RGJ programme will notify them concerning approval within 1 – 2 months. After the travel, the grantee must submit a financial report to RGJ within 2 months. Please note that all travelling plan must be approved by RGJ-PhD programme before travelling.


Process of requesting budget for oversea trips

Travel plan submission

Grantee must submit research and travel plans (Attachment No. 3 and 4) to RGJ two months before the trip

Document approval by RGJ

The grantee will receive a confirmation letter from RGJ and the budget will be transferred to the RGJ bank account within one month.

Report submission after the trip

The grantee should submit the report (Attachment No. 10) including travel receipts (airfare receipt, boarding pass etc.) to RGJ within one month after returning to Thailand.