RGJ boot camp

The goal of this Boot Camp is to help participants gain a clear picture of how to develop the right business model to assist the impact possibilities of their research and help them to correctly and wisely protect their research findings.  At the same time, participants will have a better view on potential economic/social value of their research and clearer direction of how to bring their research to the level that can make business profits (in addition to research publications) which will contribute to the social/economy of the country. We are not aiming that participants must create startups. RGJ wants to support RGJ research scholars on the mission of not only making excellent academic papers, but also forwarding their findings into uses. The latter activity can be in various forms including technology that is correctly and wisely protected thus can be licensed, the technology that can be transferred to real sectors via trade secret, technology that can be used in non-profit/profit social enterprises/communities, the built of a new startup that RGJ research scholars are part of the team, the build of a new startup that RGJ research scholars only license their technology to startup teams, and etc..

RGJ does not support professors in the universities to run startup but we encourage professors to be technology advisors of any business ventures that arise from the technologies. Both students and advisors are welcome to join the Boot camp. RGJ supports students to produce excellence research publications (needed to validate your findings). RGJ believe that experiences students gain during the effort of bringing their research to uses will help instituting them with competitiveness, entrepreneurial, creativity, sustainability, collaboration, leadership, inclusiveness and diversity mindsets/skills.

The whole program includes boot camp 1 and 2. Each boot camp is a 2-day weekend program at Sasin (including lodging and foods). Further coaching and connecting will be available for those that their research outputs are ready.


The program of the boot camp is as follows:

  • Introduction: Compositions of Business Plan, Lean Canvas
  • Determining Target Customers and Value Proposition
  • Business Model Design
  • Pitch Template
  • Finding and Valuation
  • Team-Founders, Board of Directors, Advisors
  • Intellectual Property-Patents and Trade Secret
  • Sustainability